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Living Well-Rounded with Geomyra

Apr 21, 2021

Our guest Shalyce Tyson opens her heart and shares how she continues to manage the painful disappointments that come up in life. Shalyce is a mom raising a diabatic child who recently lost her father. She continues to push through and thrive in the midst of it all. Let’s glean from her wisdom.

Meet Our Guest Shalyce:

Shalyce Tyson is a lifestyle content creator, who is passionate about cheering on women to grow, achieve goals and glow from the inside out. Through her personal brand, blog and motivational apparel shop, Shalyce is creating a space and community for glow getters to feel seen, motivated and celebrated, as they live their lives and pursue their dreams. Shalyce's passion for celebrating others also shows up through her event planning career, as the owner of Sensational Soirees, an award-winning planning and design company in Maryland. In addition to pursuing her professional passions, Shalyce's greatest joy is sharing her life with her husband and their 2 kids. Connect with Shalyce on Instagram @shalycetyson and check out her apparel shop and blog at

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