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Living Well-Rounded

Jun 17, 2020

Let's talk about it! COVID has us feeling scattered and all over the place. Throw in the race tensions happening in the world and boy, it's been crazy! There is no time like the present to reconnect with your inner circle. When's the last time you checked in on your friends? Family? Co-workers? In today's quick chat,...

Jun 10, 2020

My favorite daughter Payton joins me for a fun episode! Payton and I have a candid conversation about love, life, and all things in Payton’s world. Want to know what life looks like through the lens of my kiddo? Payton gives us a front-row seat to her reality.


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Jun 5, 2020

It's time we have a tough conversation about the importance of diversity, inclusion, and equity. Educator, activist and consultant Lynette Barksdale shares insightful information that we all need to hear. Carve out time, listen, learn, and take action to BE the CHANGE!

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