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A Well-Rounded Life

May 6, 2021

How does the thought of working 4 days a month sound to you? Better yet, how does it sound to make more money than you ever have in your business while also working less? Impossible? No way! Our guest Jordan Gill has proven that it can be done and she’s here to show us how!

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Apr 28, 2021

Are you up for the challenge? Spring has sprung and it’s time to clear the clutter! Join the Spring Cleaning Challenge and jumpstart your spring cleaning in 30-minutes or less per day! We’ll tackle elements in your home, office, and much more, so let’s go!

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Apr 21, 2021

Our guest Shalyce Tyson opens her heart and shares how she continues to manage the painful disappointments that come up in life. Shalyce is a mom raising a diabatic child who recently lost her father. She continues to push through and thrive in the midst of it all. Let’s glean from her wisdom.

Meet Our Guest Shalyce:

Apr 14, 2021

Are there people in your life that you are no longer in a relationship with? Do you happen to still want the best for those people that were once in your life? (Of course, you do!) In today’s episode, I let you in on a conversation I had with my daughter about offering support, prayers, and positive vibes to the...

Apr 7, 2021

Nicole Mayfield is a woman I admire and believe everyone needs to hear from! In this episode, Nicole joins us to talk about what it looks like to put fear aside and take extraordinary leaps of faith. As a mom, wife, author, and motivational speaker, Nicole shares how she puts faith over fear every single day.